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Praise for Best Nerds Forever:
"Readers will be rewarded through the very last page! These authors are so in tune with kids, they may be part middlegrader themselves."

--- Booklist 
"With this chatty, introspective ghost story, Patterson and Grabenstein explore concepts such as regret, being ruled by fear, and embracing opportunity. However somber the premise, the creators inject a lively underlying current and a sense of optimism as the new friends make the most of their spectral status and face the unknown future."

--- Publishers Weekly
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Down deep inside every kid is a nerd. Take it from five best friends.

Being "nerdy" in middle school isn't a bad thing–I should know! Me and my friends are nerds. Some of us are geeky but funny, smart but never boring. One is a jock but not jerk. We don't quite fit. But we're funny. We're fun. We're total chaos. And we own it–until one of us is targeted by a maniac. It will take all of our nerdiest skills to Sherlock Holmes our way out of one dangerous mess.