James Patterson’s newest young adult novel is a horrifying look at our dependence on technology–and what happens when we lose control.

After a nuclear explosion forces the evacuation of his town, Jordan and his family are finally able to return after nearly a year. He hopes to pick up the pieces of his life…but something strange is happening. The entire town is cut off from the internet and TV. Animals are viciously attacking humans. Mysterious people appear out of nowhere. And most alarmingly, the military presence has cordoned off the roads, and no one is allowed to come in–or leave.

And something is wrong with Jordan. He’s faster, stronger than he ever was before the car accident that occurred during the meltdown. He’s changed. And as recovered as their town seems to be, there’s an electric undercurrent of fear. Something is happening, even if the military says everything is fine. And Jordan, along with his best friend, Maggie, must discover what really happened during the reactor explosion… before it’s too late.
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Genre: Teen & Young Adult / Young Adult Fiction / Science Fiction

On Sale: May 21st 2018

Price: $9.99

Page Count: 320

ISBN-13: 9780316514644

What's Inside

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